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Smoking is the process where an herbal material such as tobacco is heated to very high temperatures, sometimes well exceeding 1200 Degrees Fahrenheit, and ignited. This extreme temperature is much hotter than necessary for inhaling the flavor and essence of a plant, and as a result the material burns and smokes. The smoke from this burning plant material contains hundreds of chemicals that have substantially dangerous and harmful biological side effects, including the production and delivery of numerous impurities, irritants and carcinogenic byproducts. It is these toxic combustion products, such as carbon monoxide, ammonia, hydrogen cyanide, benzopyrene, and other cancer causing agents, which are the source of the major health risks associated with smoking.  With tobacco, the results are the materials known collectively as "tars", and three of its carcinogenic compounds are: nitrosamines, widely viewed as the most deadly cancer-causing agents in smoke; aldehydes, formed by the burning of cellulose; and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH's), these carcinogenic hydrocarbons form in the cigarette behind the burning tip. Nicotine and tar levels have always been linked in warnings about the dangers of smoking, but it is the tar that is far worse.  "We know that nicotine is the main biological reason for smoking, but it is not the main harm caused by smoking." - Dr. Jack Henningfield, Professor at Johns Hopkins Medical School. "The bad stuff is the tar and the gases like carbon monoxide." - Dr. Gary Giovino, Senior Research Scientist and Director of the Tobacco Control Research Program at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute. This RealVideo™ animation from pbs.org displays how combustion during smoking causes molecules to fragment into unstable arrangements, which recombine to form the carcinogenic PAH's. This is what happens when smoke is violently absorbed in the lungs. American Lung Association 7 Steps to a Smoke-Free Life


"Smoking is known to cause heart disease and some cancers, but Dr. Richard Carmona says now there's evidence [smoking] causes disease in nearly every organ of the body."


"Low-tar cigarettes do not carry a lower risk of lung cancer, according to the first study comparing lung cancer deaths among smokers of ultra-light, mild and medium filtered cigarettes...There was not a shred of evidence of reduced risk," said investigator Michael Thun, epidemiology chief at the American Cancer Society."

"A scientific working group of 29 experts from 12 countries convened by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization has reviewed all significant published evidence related to smoking and cancer. It also concluded its evaluation of the carcinogenic risks associated with involuntary smoking, with second-hand smoke now classified as carcinogenic to humans. Although the smoke to which a nonsmoker is exposed is less concentrated than that inhaled by smokers, research has demonstrated significant health risks associated with E.T.S. (Environmental Tobacco Smoke, or 'second-hand smoke')


"Secondhand smoke may be more dangerous than previously thought, amplifying blood clotting and damaging the walls of blood vessels within minutes of exposure, researchers reported yesterday."






































Vaporizers are non-smoked respiratory flavor delivery systems that operate on the principles of aromatherapy. They work by heating herbs to deliver pure plant or herb essences by releasing the active ingredients and flavor of the plant into a thin mist without actually burning the plant material. The herb is heated enough to release the vapors without igniting it, which brings much less exposure to the numerous breakdown products of burning. Vaporization separates out the flavor and chemical components into vapor and what remains is the dried out herb. The portable Vapir™ Digital Cordless Herbal Vaporizer creates no visible smoke, no odor of smoke, no smoke-like taste, and no second-hand smoke, and thus may be used by occasional smokers in environments where smoking is not an option: http://www.smokefreeworld.com. Vapors are notably less harsh than conventional smoke; throat, lungs and the entire respiratory system are spared smoke-related irritation. Vaporization is more efficient and economical than conventional smoking, and the effect of inhaling vapor is a much purer interaction. "There's no question that these work...The applications are vast. This is the future of smoking." - Associate Professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lester Grinspoon M.D., a strong proponent of vaporization technology. 






































The new 2010 Cordless Vapir™ Digital herbal vaporizer is the only portable rechargeable vaporizer in the world. 


It sets precedent in  bridging the gap between nature and technology. With a high-capacity battery and battery charger, the Vapir™ Digital is completely ready for portable use. The aromatherapy vaporization used in the Vapir™ utilizes digital microchip technology, advanced polymers, and a state-of-the-art ceramic heating element. This unique far-infrared convection heating system brings the herbs, herbal matter and plant material to the exact user-specified temperature most effective for gently releasing the pure flavor and active elements. In this optimal condition there is no harmful smoke, burning, or impurities, only pure aromatherapy vapor to inhale the flavor and essence of any plant. Only FDA-standard food-grade materials are used in the production of the Vapir™ Digital Cordless herbal vaporizer.  The patented microchip regulates plant-specific temperatures for vaporization, also known as volitization, to avoid overheating or burning. Users may implement their own herbs such as tea leaves, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, peppermint or other essential oils or plant material. The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils: The Complete Guide to the Use of Oils in Aromatherapy and Herbalism


The first attempts at herbal vaporization involved hand-made wooden boxes or pipes, fragile glass bubbles, plastic balloons, even upside-down mason jars.  The "heating elements" were anything from lamps or empty light-bulb sockets - which burned out after a few months of use/abuse - to industrial heating guns or soldering irons purchased at hardware stores. These potentially dangerous conduction metal heating components were clearly not developed for any kind of vaporization or aromatherapy. Quite often these inefficient, unregulated units were made with toxic industrial grade tools, oils and glues that actually created more toxins and toxic byproducts than the units attempted to reduce. Since there was no temperature regulation system and no way to input the exact degree of heat, they were either not hot enough to vaporize or too hot, causing carbonization and burning (or worse, electrical or fire damage). Lastly, they required the user to pull the hot air out, potentially damaging the throat and respiratory system; not healthful, not enjoyable.


The 2010 Cordless Vapir™ Digital herbal vaporizer was specifically designed and developed to solve all of those problems. It uses a ceramic heating element for convection air heating, the most accurate and gentle heating method. The Vapir™ is the only vaporizer available using a digitally regulated pre-combustion temperature over a prolonged session to release all of the essence, none of the smoke or impurities. Digitally controlled convection (heated air) vaporizes the herbs and transforms the active elements of virtually any plant substance into an inhaleable mist, causing them to release their elements without any burning.  Smoking creates a large burst of elements combined with toxins such as tar and carbon monoxide. The low grade "vaporizers", which quickly cooked the material using metal conducting heating, had a similar effect. Only the Vapir™ Digital Cordless herbal vaporizer allows the user to slowly savor the active vapor, which is automatically released, and receive a full range benefits from the material. The 2010 Cordless Vapir™ Digital portable rechargeable herbal vaporizers are intended for aromatherapy, not to administer medicinal or controlled substances or to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


















































• New 2010 model Fully Portable, Cordless, Rechargeable
• Advanced software to regulate a perfect vaporization environment
• Ultra-quiet and super efficient
• Accurate digital temperature controls in both Fahrenheit and Celsius
• User specified accurate digital 0- 400ฐ Fahrenheit temperature range
• Includes one of the highest capacity and most efficient Lithium Ion batteries in the world  (up to 1 hour of use)
• Air-cooling vents
• Easy, user-friendly controls
• Digital Blue Screen LCD readout displays exact temperature, viewable in total darkness
• Push-button heat and temperature control
• Digital Temperature Control (Fahrenheit)
• Heat is insulated away from user
• Also able to be plugged in (AC)
• Compact Design
• Spoon for herb loading
• 110V
• Unit: 0.216 lb / 1.5"H * 7"L * 1.5"W
• Battery: 0.538lb / 1"H * 3"L * 2"W (external)









































1. Set desired temperature to 365 degrees and press 'heat' button.


2. Insert herbs using included long spoon.


3. Attach moutpiece to begin inhaling the flavorful vapor. Moist, lightly packed, and finely ground herbs provides maximum benefit. 

Always hold the Vapir™ herbal vaporizer by the heat shield.
Never get unit wet, as this may cause damage and/or injury including electric shock.
Never put fingers or any body part into the unit as injury and/or damage may result.












































The 2010 Cordless Vapir™ Digital portable rechargeable herbal vaporizers use only the finest components; its body is crafted from advanced FDA-standard food/medical grade heat and impact resistant polymers. The internal workings are ceramic and stainless steel (no lead) and made to strict CE Approved manufacturing standards. Vapir™ Digital Cordless herbal vaporizers are covered by a 30 day warranty against defects and tech support (no refunds). Dropping, mishandling, or misuse voids the warranty. 














































Vapir Vaporizer

•  2010 Vapir™ Digital Cordless Rechargeable Package
•  Brand New Vapir ™ Digital Cordless Herbal Vaporizer
•  Fully Portable Cordless (Battery) or Corded (AC Adapter) usage
•  High Capacity Battery Pack Good For 60 minutes of Vapor Time
•  Adjustable Digital Temperature LCD Display in Fahrenheit and Celsius
•  Built-in Battery Charger
•  Matrix Tube Attachment
•  Long Spoon
•  Cleaner Tool
•  Operation Instructions

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•  By ordering you are certifying that you are at least 18 years of age
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